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My latest series of drawings pull inspiration from the idea of loss and the act of decomposition. I am interested in the process of things breaking down into their most basic elements. Pulling from a personal language of symbols, that to me represent the treat of decay, I painstakingly place repetitive marks onto a painted surface. The process of applying graphite becomes a meditative act. As the drawing progresses the zeros transcend their original purpose of serving as relics for the obsolete and take on a life of their own. These marks come together and disperse, engaging in the constant continuum of growth and decomposition, sometimes forming new forms and other times threatening to slip away into oblivion. More than physical decay, I am concerned with the breakdown of time and memories and the sense of loss that this creates. The zeros in my work are symbols of this. They act as empty remnants of understanding, tiny capsules of memories and knowledge that have been lost.